Nuclear Medicine


I would like to greet you on my web-site devoted to my both professional work and hobby: the nuclear medicine!

You are welcome to be a virtual guest! During the visit, be careful of the radiation ... smile

International sign warning of ionizing radiation

Here, you can find:

In the first bookmarks (left side, greensmile), you can find out something general about  NUCLEAR MEDICINE and on its basis: NUCLEAR PHYSICS and RADIOPHARMACY; these data are accessible in Polish only. In the LINKS, links to some official (professional) institutions have been listed. In ABOUT ME, my some general personal data are given.

In the chapter Thyroid, some general infos on the thyroid gland are given (in Polish).

I encourage you especially to visit the special service named CALCULATOR. I hope, it will be interesting not only for those, who are more familiar with these topics...

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